Let me go

Why hold on

 If I’m not what you envisioned me to be

Let me go since all we do is argue

Release me from your security bondage

Knowing each other for so long

Has afforded you a certain level of contentment

Resentment has built up in my heart

All you see is my physical attributes shining through

Never did you take the time to see how my mental complimented

How my spiritual elevated

Nope all you see is various parts of my anatomy

Stop playing this facade of developing a meaningful relationship with me

You could care less about what was bugging me

All I need to do is respond to unwanted texts and emails

Unintentional forwards that have been seen by millions

Yet I’m supposed to be excited that you thought of me

Seriously I don’t need this agitation

My heart has migrated

HIS words have irrigated my soul

I had hoped my light reflected in my prose

I see your heart is still cold

No wonder you couldn’t establish a real relationship with me

Darkness can’t mesh with light

As the corridor widens

I see my life enlivened

As yours dims in the background

I pray someone comes along to uplift

Apparently that wasn’t apart of the original job application

My gifts were misappropriated

The perception got jaded

As you allowed him to instigate

Break the chain of instability

Learn to love someone for their capabilities

Not their shapely niceties




Many times I feel as if I can’t breathe so I need to take a pause

Trying to maneuver away from haters

Upon my back I feel clamoring paws

In my life I have experienced

Delusions of grandeur from a few that only brought me bad news

Clawing at my psyche

Drawing conclusions that are so unlike me

Pauses in my life allow positivity to flow

As I brush off paw prints

From hate being spewed at me

So many trying to get at me

Devil waiting for the reaction within me

Yet I pause

As the paws seemingly clamoring around my throat

Trying to suppress the depression

To keep my soul quiet

Through my expression

I overcome the delusion from the evil one

Now I welcome the paws

Now it means it’s time to pause


Think about the praise in that

They are so busy trying to think how you will retaliate

That they miss that fact that it’s a spiritual combat

I’m being used to witness not fight back

The battle has been won

For I have been chose by THE ONE

Who created a pause in my downward spiral

As the paws began to consume me

Pulled from the depths

In my arms I’m being kept

As He allows my world to pause

As He inscribes His words into our clause


Special Day

Today is a special day for you

This is the day your parents welcomed you into this world to stay

All of your life their love has allowed you to grow

Many years the ground is covered in snow

But this time around the landscape is clear

Hold this day near to your heart

Remember how many joys you’ve experienced this past year

Look how you’ve grown

You have many more goals to be sown in your garden of life

I pray 2012 brings you delight

Dare to be amazing in every aspect of your day

Pave the way for those generations to come

This day is your day to remember where you’ve come from

Many obstacles you thought you couldn’t overcome

You stand here today encouraged by someone

Happy Born day little one

Shine brightly in your life

Make someone smile today with your light

It’s your day to rejoice in the life you’ve been dealt

As expressions of love melt your burdens away

Take some time to escape away and enjoy your birthday


beautilfleye 2012


I’m so open

I’m so confused

How come my feelings keep getting abused

Perhaps your advances I’ve misconstrued

On a path of one I thought we had become

Apparently I’m nonexistent in your search for that one

Daily told the opposite as I chill in your back pocket

Corner pocket right, purple and white ball

I guess for you it’s more fun

Feelings on their knees begging for mercy

Not able to combat the desire to want to hear from you

Yet silence is the way we communicate

How can you possible label yourself as a stable mate

Time must be spent with the one you’re meant to be with

Perhaps it’s another lie

To stand in agreement

With this mistreatment

To cover up the demise

How sinister can you be

To manipulate possibilities of compatibility

Strenuous conversations laced with abnormalities


You’re the love song I’ve never sung

The feeling in my stomach that I’ve yet to overcome

Emotions fill each thought of you

I want to run away from the next step

My heart has been so unkept

Trying to be the perfect woman you’ve ever met

My needs have yet to be met

All about you has been the track I’ve been playing over and over in my head

Not wanting to end up like Angela Basset

I’m exhaling now

Screaming that I need more

The definition of a relationship has many variations

Apparently ours were left to premonitions

Everything no longer relates to movies

I have real thoughts not delusions

Tangible examples to springboard from

How come I wasn’t the one

Too many hurdles to overcome

The journey was too short

Time to abort

This mission is now finished

Visions of grandeur diminished

Thoughts of couple activity caused so much division

I never meant to cause derision

When I gave you permission

I assumed my feelings would be accounted for

Apparently that wasn’t what you were after me for

I want more

A woman you say who complains

Is the feedback I’ve ignored

I deserve to have my thoughts preserved

Unfortunately you don’t want to be the vault where they are stored


She is

Wonderfully and fearfully made

She’s a joy to behold

Daring and dainty

Insanity developing into femininity

Insecurity shamed before her in obscurity

A delicate flower nurtured in a lush valley

Shining brightly among a sea of beauty

She sticks out indiscreetly

Always aware of her surroundings

Ready to soak in morality

There are standards to be met

And the course has been chartered

No need for love to be the martyr

He has charmed her

Delicate fingerprints of destiny

Intertwined in subtle vocabulary

A woman has been established in this experience

Growth of sensuality

Migrating to neutrality

On one accord she’s become with Him

Know she’s making her growth relevant

Precious time spent encapsulated in defiance

Now the time has come to be compliant

Engrossed in visions of what she could have been

Grounded in what she has been

A woman of great nobility

A game changer as we have all seen

Brilliantly streaming laughter with each glide of her stride

Many have desperately tried to imitate her gait

One of a kind

Able to truly unwind

Always taking the opportunity to seek humanity

Amazingly grace has laced her spontaneity

Simultaneously embracing her heritage

Vintage womanhood at its best

Jealous ones dare not to test

Impeccable fashion sense

A packaged wrapped but never sent

For to him she’s waited

Ready to take this journey unabated

Welcome this lovely young lady

Done with just dating

It’s time for some real relating




Pieces of a dream

Once I had the goal to achieve the American Dream

I wrote all of them down in my senior yearbook

White picket fence

A husband and 2.5 kids

A dog

A corner home

A position in middle management in a high grossing corporation

All successful things to want to be

Unfortunately none of them happened for me

I had the birth of a new dream

A great poet

I’ve written many poems

Even compiled them into a book form

A world renowned author

I saw in the distance

Touring the world

That dream also fizzled

An awesome bible study teacher

I love to study His word so I wanted to share His truths with others

A phenomenal retreat speaker

I had the awesome chance to speak before women of God

In doing so I saw another dream

A spoken word recording artist

A band behind me as I recited my poems sounded ideal

Two bands I was a part of and lost my focus

The death of another dream

A mentoring ministry

Had lingered around in my soul

Influencing the minds of young women of tomorrow

Inspiring young women to achieve great things for God

Aspiring to lead the remnant of young women seeking after God

It encapsulates all of my former dreams except for that American Dream

But as a wise women once said

I wasn’t saved when I dreamed that first American dream

All of my spiritual dreams have come together to piece together a centralized dream for me

Undoubtedly Joseph saw pieces in his dreams

Now that He dwells within us

Our dreams are revealed daily

All we have to do is believe

None of my dreams died they were just pieces of a dream

No need to seek the American dream

Jesus lives within me and He’s all I need