All I ever

All I ever


All I ever wanted was to be loved

I guess the gift of marriage won’t be experienced by me

I wanted to break the chains of pain in my generation

But the pain manifested in my life

Feelings topsy turvy

So scared to open up

Most men I’ve shut up

With words that cut so deep

The piranha is deadly

The dolphin is inspirational

Depending on how you treat me

This fish will continuously swim her own way

Yes I know it’s bad

My armor has been cracked

The beginning of my healing happened several months ago

Baby steps have been made

With each drop of ink in this pen

My thoughts bleed on this page

Flowing like the Potomac

Dirty but fascinating

Infested by a defecating prognosis

Forbidden but needed

Vast and costly

A mess in the need of cleansing

Release me please



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