You see deep into my soul

You’ve seeped into my very core

Every essence of me screams out

How come we can’t be on one accord

You’ve listened to the story that was never told

The inflections in my voice alerted you to be attuned to my moods

You have led me through my own thoughts

Brought clarity to hopeless dreams that I once sought

How is it that we have never been on the same page in my book

In retrospect you’ve nurtured my soul to grow

Many times just knowing you were in my corner

Allowed me to be bolder

In my pursuits in life

At times my goals seemed aloof

In the proper perspective

You’ve allowed me to shine from within

A cheerleader to the end

In whatever mood I’m in you find a way to get in

To reach the core little girl inside

Because of you she’s grown into a mature woman

Someone who is ready to bloom into her due season

I knew there was a reason you hit me up again

Fireworks began the friendship

Seemingly fizzling on my side

Expectations unmet

Physical sights unset

But when you get down to it

You’ve been there through all my mess

Trials and tests you stood there with no regrets

I was wondering why you hadn’t left

Perhaps your goals were different from the rest

Different you seemed on the onset

But the same on the surface

So I tossed you into the lower classes

All along you were the one waiting for me to see

The person you longed for me to be

All I could see was the broken pieces all around me

Unable to pick up and move forward in positivity

Can it be that your season has come to an end

Our friendship will always be in a stagnant frame of life

Unable to move forward together

I strain to remove you from my pain

I try to make you responsible for it all

But you stepped into shoes that were filled with bitter flaws

Now it’s time to set the course

Are you ready for the main course



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