thank you


For ignoring me

Lying to me

Laughing at me

Shaming me

Embarassing me

Harassing me

Disrespecting me

…I wouldn’t be the woman I am today


For misleading me

Stringing me along

Hit or miss phone calls

Open ended text messages

Long pauses in conversation

Not looking me in the eye


For forcing me to grow

As I stretched as an individual I learned it was because of my experiences with you

That I’m still standing

Strong enough to combat negativity with prayer

Able to embrace disappointment with grace

Walk with my head held high and leave no trace of YOU

As YOU shine through every word, look, and feeling


My mind was reeling

Now unto me YOU’RE revealing

The mysteries that confounded me

It’s not despicable me

It’s beautiful me

It’s not pitiful you

It’s inspirational you

It’s not jealous woman

Its uplifting woman of God

So thanks to you

I’ve run straight to YOU

beautifleye ’12


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