PJYou are a pre…


You are a precious jewel

Only a select few get to know the real you

Heart fortified by walls of pain

In life there is only love to gain

Refrain from those who may cause major disdain

Entertain the positive aspects that God has afforded you

Allow the transparency of life to reveal the release of strife

In a Christian’s life there is only glory to the Father

No longer are we promoting ourselves

To allow our confidence to swell

It’s the vision of Him seen in our daily walk

You are a precious jewel

He formed you to be the ultimate piece to influence many

Talents galore to share with more

Shut of you tend to be not allowing anyone in

Extend your lifestyle to encompass the views around you

He has placed certain ones around you to minister to you

Enliven your life by taken in the details of the day

Emblazoned your road will be once you reach the Bema seat

As one of His most precious jewels

Upon His crown you will be placed

As you stand face to face

With the grace that placed you on earth

To be the best friend ever to me

Now share the blessings that dwells deep inside

Outshine the goals you had once before

That led to some unfortunate compromise

Rise again daily to meet the new experience

It will surely sweep you off of your feet

beautifleye ‘12


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