I’m clearly in my feelings again

Blood feels like its boiling

Heat rising from the tips of my toes to the crown of my head

Why do I allow such small things bother me

The little irritations that have been placed in my day to test me

I completely fail every time

Humbling me to the utmost extent

I know these experiences are heavenly sent

My citizenship has been sealed

I know HE allows him to rattle me

To see where I am spiritually

Am I walking in what I speak to others

Perhaps I’m holding my true emotions inside

Testimonies are meant to be shared and made relevant

I’m honored to be tested

Not to be court jested

Ignorance no longer digested

Pure holiness ingested

From the past I’ve been divested

Insistent on making a difference

Allowing His ministering presence

To envelope my circumstances

Relieving me of my burdens

No longer uncertain

Confident in the praise I present

As you pass by and notice my smile

It’s my joy overflowing from inside

beautifleye ’12


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