I’ve grown so much over the years

I’ve learned so much about me and He

Yet I’m still fighting

I still see many things my way and not His

He just wants to use me

But I keep standing in the way

I’m not pretty enough

I’m not skinny enough

My mouth is the vessel

In which He wants to speak

It’s the basis of reality

What I see through my bleak pane of glass

Shines brilliantly from His perspective

My hands need to testify

Some years ago I laid my journal down

Now His gift has grown out of the kernel I reduced it to

This dream has not died

I’m alive at 35

The rest of my life I refuse to compromise

Eager to rise to see the next sun ton shine

Follow this golden butterfly

For this path will lead you to a surprise

A light that no man can put out

And with two fingers

My shame has bowed out

Now on this one I got to shout

beautifleye ’12 




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