THE LOOKYou don…


You don’t look at me like you look at her

But you say I’m the ONE

How come you smile so wide

When you stare longingly at her

But you say I’m your bride to be

Not even close so it seems to be

I don’t understand how you’re my number one fan

When you stare at her like she is in high demand

I see with my expectations set so low

All I have to do is pray to get over this insurmountable blow

My light is shining through

The grace of God has enveloped me completely

Of course you won’t look at us the same

I’ve shed my shame and walk in newness

My aura sets off a flame that is unquenchable

He’s preparing the right man for me

While He’s rebuilding me

Excitement in my soul as I chase after Thee

He won’t be able to seek me

Until He accepts Thee

My pain has been released

There is nothing wrong with me

My worldly shades have been discarded

My Lord has loved me wholeheartedly

beautifleye ’12


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