His eyes look through my outer shell

When I hear his voice my heart swells

He sees my very soul

He warmed apart of my heart that had become very cold

All these years I’ve been working on my relationship with Thee

Sure that singlehood was the path for me

Not knowing He was preparing me for thee

See I knew what I needed to do in my spiritual walk to grow the intimacy with You

I’m stuck learning how to develop the same thing with you

It’s amazing how you seemingly appeared out of the blue

In th natural I can’t believe this is true

Unable to fully grasp the angel You’ve allowed to stand beside me in full view

I paid so much attention to my walk with You

I didn’t even notice him in plain view

He compliments me and I shy away

He has said everything I’ve asked You to have the "One" to say

Yet I’m afraid to say…

He brings me joy that I’ve never experienced before

He sees me for me

He encourages growth in my spirituality

For he seeks Thee

And truly that’s the only way to build this relationship by mirroring what I have with You