In the morning

Our greatest conversation is had
Building me up for the day
I’m so glad he took the time to say hey
But I expect it throughout the day
Unfortunately it don’t happen that way
The sound of my voice fades away
The longing of the melodic tones of my replies
Sit high up in the sky
Involved dialogue stems from events from the night before
Cordially asking for more
Access has been denied
For the time frame you’ve asked for has been reserved
Perhaps in the future you will mean much more


The star

I’m no longer the popular one
Everyone doesn’t notice me
He’s the one in control
My calls are being ignored
There is no time for me
How can this be
Don’t you know who I am
Wait a minute is this a form of conciet
Once again I’m learning about a new aspect of my personality
I’m always the center of attention
This time its not needed
Its not about me
Hey I didn’t know I had an ego that needed to be stroked
I’m seeing the error of my ways
My tantrums aren’t going to solve anything
Anger from my soul resulting in solace
Learning about me…pains me


His voice makes me want to be on the phone all day
I don’t like being on the phone
So I know this is something crazy
This feeling has my stomach all queasy
My thoughts are uneasy
As the phone rings I try to think of things to say
Of course it never goes my way
Dead air as we both are watching tv
Forced dialogue resulting in distorted laughter
Why does any of this matter
My psyche has readjusted this meaningless banter
This isn’t for me
So hard to communicate verbally
The reason I can’t advance

A short walk

He asked would I like to take a walk
I didn’t even take into consideration how hot it was
It was a joy just to be in his presence
I reached to hold his hand
He flashed me an akward glance
I see we are not that advance
No need for me to initiate public displays of affection
He makes me smile so bright
I blush at the hearing of his voice
What about him makes me so full of glee
Or is it the infactuation of the enormous amount of attention he’s giving me…..


I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m the one that held my single flag high. Now I have a man courting me….wow. He asked me out on a lunch date and it was awesome. We discussed so many things in such a short period of time. Could this be real I ask myself everyday? Are there really still good men out there in my age bracket? He just made the cut so now I can say yes! I’ve been smiling since our date. I guess this is the feeling those songs stem from.