I was told

I deserve love

Yet it has avoided me

Lied to me

Denied me

I am beautiful

Always judged to be less than

Doing the very best I can

Never able to keep a man

My skin was beautiful

Now my body is turning on me

Burns, scars, shedding

Unrelenting pain from within

I was smart enough

Unfortunately my mental was detrimental

Spiraling into darkness

Educational path left in duress

I was a light on the hill

Destroyed by an unknown storm

Left alone

No more motivation to instill

My smile would get me far

Masked up for life

Due to disease along with allergies

A walking anomaly

My breast would land me a husband

Men are visual beings

Both removed as well as my womb

Now climbing into my tomb

Give it time to heal

More flaws revealed

Falling apart

No longer providing a spark

Once a butterfly

Ready to break free

Currently nestled comfortably

In this cocoon of normalcy


No 1

No one protected her

So I will

For the rest of her life her dreams 

I’m trying to fulfill 

Being still I’m her broke best friend 

In her I try to instill

Royal worthiness

Christ filled dominance 

I can try to create new memories 

Hopefully they can break the hold

The past has encompassed her soul

Removing the cast

The hurt will always last

We can never erase the past 

First chair first row in that class

Why must I always be the head of the class

Birthday Wishes 2023

Another year has flown by

Looking like you pushed the rewind button

In that time machine

Queen Mother sit upon your throne

All nobility instilled in me through the years

Gleaned stability through your destiny

Blessed to see the sixth decade

Living in the moment as sung in the serenade

Riches depicted in all of your pictures

Smile growing with each year that passes

Life teaching you how to rise above

Worries flying away daily

More adventures on your horizon

Experiences laid before you

Plans to dominate

When all your gifts align the earth will quake

Movies, cards, money, dinner, and things

Hopefully you’ll feel seen

We hold you in high esteem

Proverbs 31 lists all of your qualities

Go shawty it’s your birthday

Feliz cumpleanos a ti

Happy birthday to ya

Happy birthday mommy

Mommy Day 2023

I love you more than words can express

I’m going to try my best

With the gift you bestowed on upon me

By writing some poetry

In honor of you

I’ll display my joy

I’ve always felt like the apple of your eye

Memories of our close bond warms my heart as days go by

Fantastic experiences

Life lessons learned

Well wishes much deserved

Adoration from many who call you mom

This year seems strange I know

No need to be filled with sorrow

Basks in our generational days of fun

She always spoke of the things we had done

Her memory is in every action

Her fingerprints all over our lives

She will never be forgotten

Grace unmatched passed on to you

New memories will make

As she rejoices above

Praise God for the time we had

Her purpose has been fulfilled

Fill your days with the legacy left behind

Extend your smile

Embrace new opportunities

Sweet mother of mine

I take it back

Love has escaped me again

Not trying to fit in

Alone to think of my pain

How do I even begin to explain

My independence turned them away

I brushed them off as too frail anyway

Unable to secure stability in emotions

Unwilling to show devotion

By the time you turn in the proper medical paperwork

References checked

Application approved

I’m no longer enthused

Needs unmet

I haven’t even divulged my ailments yet

Not wanting to explain

Why I don’t feel the same

I’ve given up on being a social being

A eunuch colony seems to be the theme

A flying nun perhaps

In the house I’ll forever be

If God sees fit

I’ll take it back

As of right now

My recliner has picked up the slack


Satisfy your food cravings in any fashion

Fried, boiled, hashed, baked, sauté

Guaranteed to meet the needs of satiation

Anyway you feel I am to please

French fries hit the mark every time

Dipped in a chocolate cold dessert

Takes it all to another level

How can this vegetable bring so much joy

It’s from the earth

We are meant to partake

A blessing that touches your soul

My purpose is all under your control

What has stressed you out today

How can I be of service

Time a concern

An instant portion can revive

Not one to use the stove

Microwave options are available

Perhaps an air fryer tickles your fancy

Ride the wave of a potato wedge

Still not on trend

How about dehydrate me then

I can be a chip to provide the right crunch

Maybe just order takeout

Get every small plate

Have a potato party

I am here for you

Carbs are the way

Index of basketball

Exciting athleticism. Emerging young stars. Different body shapes accomplishing the same goals.

Forward, center, guard, coaches, sixth man, twelve-man team

Cheerleaders hyping the crowd and handing out freebies

From a child to adulthood practicing for the day to be crowned champion

One slip can be detrimental

Lifestyle changed

Family views on another level

It brings many joy

A moneymaker for the world

Concessions, tickets, and apparel

All bring happiness to young and old

Are you ready to play a game

The Aster of Weariness

In the summer you bloom

Freshly colored ready to make

a woman swoon

Bring me a bouquet of these soon

Luminous as star

sprouting forth from the garden of rocks

Standing astute in the loamy soil

Seemingly lonely as the season

Dwindles away

Longing for you to stay

By my side like a faithful alibi


Her life was a good victory

She served the Lord with zeal

Learning how to make the word

Apart of her life in every way naturally

A pure heart of joy

Brought light to every situation

Relayed her emotions vividly

Daily learning her communication intently

Never knowing what she was thinking

Able to meet your feelings head on

A stranger never crossed her path

Her mark left everywhere she graced

Unable to fill that space

Life seems out of sync

Troubled trying to find peace

In the midst feeling like I’m losing it

Journeys of death

Seemingly unreal

Thoughts she would live forever

Enveloping my psyche

This theme of family

Unraveling in a horrible movie scene

Pieces of her streamed through different mindsets

Unwilling to shred differences

Apart from this word she became

Looking back over our actions feeling ashamed

More could have been done

Now do more to mend up

Fun times in memories

Teary-eyed gazes

Lifting my head in amazement

She stepped in when he went away

Always a part of my life

It was a good victory in her example

Three generations know the Lord

How will you extend His love

Love poem

an attractive profile hit me up in my dm

he stated he couldn’t resist my profile

intrigued by his statement

unknowingly becoming interested

page was empty

short fragmented statements in his description

one picture

the same as his profile

man of mystery

scammer supreme

bitcoin baby

sugar baby ambassador

in these days and times

true love is hard to find

(social media has destroyed

the cat and mouse game of old times)

insta stalking

now whatsApp trapping

always too tired to converse

yet wants to hear my voice

so busy at work that communication

is stagnant

once a fiend for my poetry

not thinking twice about me lately

interest in me could he be faking

video chats can quickly clear that up

facial expressions are not easily masked

instant no to that request

then this is a wrap

peace out

be blessed

not interested in this mess

blocka, blocka, blocka game strong

now you’re calling my actual phone number

all of a sudden coherent

I don’t want to hear it