My first haibun

Nervously wondering why your text messages have begun to fade. Did I say too much when I let my walls down? Fully expressing myself is always a sour note with me. My point of view can seem very jaded at times. Layers of thought processes mashed up into my overwhelming need to share.


Will you wait for me

Engaged melodically

Wanting chemistry



Fiercely independent

Unsaturated sarcasm

Vibrantly engaging

Empowered by recent events

Strengthened by my commentary

The gleam of my smile

My kinky curls

The quickness of my gait

Loudly proclaiming

Inspired by my boldness

As I line dance pass you

My laughter boastfully interrupting your conversation

Jazz box to the left and slide

Inner joy unveiled


Unique in a variety of ways

Vigorous vocabulary

Surprisingly uninhibited

Filled with estrogen

Body movements so melodically poignant

Sweat now rolling down my sternum

The shine from my dimples

Smooth grooves from the numerous body rolls

Announcing the next move

Total shock of the quickness of my steps

Inviting them to try the combinations

Delving deeper into my psyche

Untouchable on paper with a pen

Daring my talent to up jump the boogie

Trying to allow myself to see the inspiration they’ve gathered

Those testosterone filled suitors’ desperately awaiting the cheat code


Soul stirring

Enveloping aggression through jokes


Uncommonly relatable

Eve’s many great grandchild

Swiftness combined with rhythm

Belly dancing in between causing my wave to flicker

The broadness of my smile allowing you to be at ease

Determination glaring back at you

Sup sir

Heavenly host surrounding me

Protecting the gift instilled within

Aura of stillness whilst in my presence

Audience full of beguiling individuals

Looking for one gentleman to court me

Not afraid to show vulnerability

Excited to learn something new


Perhaps succumbing to the music

Infatuated with the giggle from my mistaken footsteps

Still moving in the groove on the right wall

Head held high due to confidence unshaken

Gloss on my lips twinkling as wink

Making eye contact as I return to my seat

Turning back to see if any interest has sparked

Head nod acknowledging the attention given

Sup witcha

Envisioning a romantic rollercoaster ride of emotions

Flirting through stolen moments in a crowd

Unlike many of the women on the floor

Jealous ones still even leaving me wondering why

How unfortunate

This villain had made a fool proof plan to take over the world

A witty individual by nature

Gift of gab passed down from generations of convoluted ideals

Diabolic constraints leading to improper commentary over the span of time


Not seen as inconsiderate on the surface

Common speech amongst this circle of friends

Invoking an emotional tie to a certain sect of uninformed individuals

Jaded views of reality already clouded by those designer rose colored glasses


Inappropriate conversations had regularly in safe place environments

Gathering like-minded constituents together to promote false propaganda

Seeing your gains in the end as exponential

Corrupt advances viewed as inconsequential


Vast potential for change making

Caught up making change from unfair practices

Spewing vocabulary unfit for your position

Constantly waiting for everyone to agree


Unbeknownst to you

Signing documents to set in play

Extradition proceedings to cut your power

Crawling back to your lair to cower

Mr. Little

Skin crawling noise coming from my trashcan

Fear beginning to create beads of sweat upon my forehead

All of a sudden quietness

As I peer over my desk concern clouds my mind


Calling facilities while frantically filling out the proper request form

Envisioning the cartoon sensei from one of my favorite cartoon movies

Afraid to go over to the trashcan

Fearing every know disease known to man is being carried through one bite


Believing in any minute this creature would attack me

I prepare my notepad and pen

Sending documents to the printer

Planning to go to my supervisor’s office for a reprieve


Nerves so bad unable to fully concentrate

Did I just see that out of the corner of my eye I see the mouse in full flight

It is trying to escape

Concerned for my safety I scurried down the hall


A nice gentleman came to save me

He suggested that I should not be so dramatic

It is a small thing to bring you so much fright

Despite his encouragement I hid in the office across from me


All of the noise I had heard of course were non existent

I explained that the mouse was tired

Unbelief came across his face as he chuckled

Till the mouse quickly ran up his chest, his face, and down the hall


Happy Writing

Good Moring my love in a text from the one upon rising to start a new day

Heart filled with joy from the emotions invoked from a mere greeting

Flying aimlessly like a runaway balloon

Trying to focus on the task at hand


Riding the train in to work

Staring into the darkness searching for a glimpse of light

Words becoming jumbled in the background

Thoughts flying aimlessly like a runaway balloon


With the ding of a bell alerting me of my station stop

Instantaneously back into the reality of this mundane sequence of events

Wrist vibrating from texts amassing on my cellular phone

Smile so wide seemingly flying off of my face like an aimless runaway balloon


Eerily silent my application has now become

Just three days ago I could barely get anything done

Trying desperately not to keep checking my phone

Eyes darting back and forth like an aimless runaway balloon


How could this capture my thoughts so vividly

Needing the encouragement daily to succeed

Coming to the realization that it was a want

Now my happiness has flown away like an aimless runaway balloon


A pose made famous by those who have done wrong

In darkness for hours due to behaviors that are not congruent with the population

In packs of three or four in social environments

As the camera flashes it never fails


Down on one knee

Two fingers up in the air

Mouth twisted to the side

Ready to give someone affirmation on the black hand side


Strife emanating from the position of the shoulders

Stiffly structured as the others tilt their heads in agreeance

Arms folded with confidence

Showing camaraderie due to common influences


Derived from negative connotations

Allowing the pose to form a habit

Thoughts of making a statement

Relaying comedy to dire situations


We should stand up as our ancestors did

Pride within our shoulders

Heads hung high

With hands posed in worship


Often times I wonder why I have not mastered proper eating habits

So many things improved in my life due to that lifestyle

I could complete a 5k with encouragement in a good time

Energy level was on a different level

Leaving home in darkness to get my day begun

Feeling as if I had been flung out of my bed


Laziness has settled in

An incorrect thought process can lead you astray

Not wanting to see another day

Goals swaying in the wind

Automatically winning became a stigma

As a loser there is nothing to prove

Been there done that is a catchy phrase

Looking at my reflection trying to dig down deep within

Confusing fantasy societal goals with actual attempts at conquering foes


What is next for me….